Josh Anderson
NHL Trade rumors for November 25, 2022 feature Josh Anderson. The New Jersey Devils have interest in an Anderson trade.

With the NHL trade rumors mill starting to pick up, rumors are making the round that the New Jersey Devils are interested in making a Josh Anderson trade.

Reports surfaced earlier this month that the Calgary Flames also had an interest in the Canadiens power forward.

What will it cost the Devils to make a Josh Anderson trade?

Tony Marinaro of the SickPodcast stated the New Jersey Devils want Josh Anderson badly. He knows there are other teams interested in an Anderson trade but the Devils are willing to pay the price to make the trade happen.

Habs management is likely asking for one of defenseman Luke Hughes, Simon Nemec, Alexander Holtz as potential targets.

The Devils wanted to make a trade for Anderson in the summer and Montreal asked for the New Jersey Devils 2022 2nd overall pick to which the Devils declined.

It is now looking like the Devils are willing to pay the price to land the power forward they desire.

Anderson, 28, has four more seasons under contract at a Habs salary cap hit of $5.5 million. He does own a 8 team no trade clause but will likely accept a trade to the Devils.

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