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The Toronto Maple Leafs are looking to add some size to their forwards and Nathan Horton appears to be on the Leafs radar.

Horton will be a unrestricted free agent this summer and the Boston Bruins do not have the cap space to re-sign Horton in the off-season.

The Leafs have plenty of cap room and Horton would make the perfect addition to the team by adding size, scoring and toughness.

Nathan Horton trade rumors – Toronto Maple Leafs


  1. I think it’s also great that the Leafs have “reportedly” been interested in almost every free agent, or possible free agent, it’s hilarious.

  2. No way Horton betrays the Bruins and goes to the Leafs unless they refuse to sign him. Him, Lucic and Krejci make a great line

  3. ITS GREAT THAT THE LEAFS ARE LOOKING TO Add size and talent but one more hit to the head for Horton and the Leafs will be paying a heafty contract for a player to very inevitably never play hockey again.
    Go Healthy or go home!

  4. Nathan Horton is not past his prime lol

    He is 27…. yes he had a bad concussion a few years ago, but I think he would be a great addition to the Leafs.

  5. This would make sense if the price is right but who would be the one let go though? Don’t say Kadri either as he did very very well this season

  6. I think this would be a great signing for the Leafs! I say do it, we need some more size on the wing…. though we still do need a big #1 center which is no where to be found?


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