Picture of Juuse Saros. Will the Nashville Predators trade their star goalie?
The latest NHL trade rumors for the Nashville Predators feature the team looking to trade star goaltender Juuse Saros.

The Nashville Predators are making waves in the NHL trade rumors mill as they consider the possibility of trading their star goaltender, Juuse Saros. This potential move comes as a surprise to many Preds fans, given Saros’s exceptional performance and his vital role in the Predators’ recent successes.

Will the Nashville Predators trade Juuse Saros?

With young prospect goalie Yaroslav Askarov making his name known in the Nashville Predators organization, NHL rumors are making the rounds that Jusse Saros could be expendable.

Pierre LeBrun of The Athletic reports the Predators are exploring all options on trading goalie Juuse Saros. The team is in retooling mode, and if the right offer comes along later in the season, the Preds are open to moving their starting goalie.

LeBrun went on to say that GM Barry Trotz would like to have Saros with the team for the long term. Saros can sign a contract with the team next offseason.

Why the Nashville Predators could trade Juuse Saros

The decision to trade Saros is not one the Predators are taking lightly. It’s a move that involves careful consideration of various factors, including the team’s current roster, future prospects, and salary cap constraints. While Saros’s talent is undeniable, the potential return from a trade could include valuable assets that contribute to the team’s overall success.

Potential Trade Partners

Several NHL teams could be interested in acquiring a goaltender of Saros’s caliber. A trade involving a player of his skill set will surely generate significant interest. For the Predators, securing assets such as promising young players, draft picks, or defensive help could be part of the deal.

While the news of the Nashville Predators exploring a trade involving Juuse Saros may shock some, it reflects the team’s commitment to staying competitive in the NHL. As the NHL trade deadline approaches in February, the hockey world will be watching closely to see how this story unfolds and what the future holds for both the Predators and their star goaltender.

The Buffalo Sabres are the team to watch as they hope to be playoff contenders this season, and if their current tandem of goalies struggles, they will call the Preds about Saros’ availability.

What are NHL fans saying about the Nashville Predators trading Juuse Saros?

Buffalo needs a starting goalie. They are the team that should be talking with Nashville about a Saros trade.

After Levi letting in seven goals the other night. The Sabres better think long and hard about their goaltending.

I hope Saros re-signs in Nashville. He is only 28 and has many year left. It would make no sense for the Preds to trade him.

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  1. Buffalo better be calling the Preds! If they want to contend for the playoffs, Saros is the answer. With their current goalies, they are not a playoff team.


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