Picture of Mitch Marner. Will he be traded to the New York Islanders?
The latest NHL trade rumors for the New York Islanders feature the team making a trade for Toronto Maple Leafs Mitch Marner.

As the NHL preseason begins in three weeks and summer comes to a close, let’s explore one last hypothetical rumor.

The most popular NHL trade rumor on this website this past offseason was about William Nylander and what the Toronto Maple Leafs will do with him.

The comment section had hundreds of replies, with many Leaf fans calling for a trade involving Mitch Marner and not Nylander.

One wild NHL trade rumor that had been mentioned in the summer was Marner being traded to the New York Islanders.

Mitch Marner headed to the New York Islanders?

Nick Ashbourne wrote an article for Yahoo Sports discussing a hypothetical trade involving Mitch Marner and what trade packages would make sense for both teams.

He suggests that the Toronto Maple Leafs and New York Islanders would be compatible trade partners.

New York Islanders receive:

Mitch Marner (RW) $10,903,000
Connor Timmins (RD) $1,100,000

Toronto Maple Leafs receive:

Noah Dobson (RD) $4,000,000
Alexander Romanov (LD) $2,500,000
Kyle Palmieri (RW) $5,000,000

Why would this trade work? The Isles need offense and Marner would fit in nicely as the playmaking winger they need and the Leafs would get an upgrade on defense.

To land a player like Marner, the NY Islanders will have to pay and the price is Noah Dobson and Alexander Romanov. Kyle Palmieri is a throw-in to make the salaries work for both teams.

What are NHL fans saying about the Toronto Maple Leafs trading Mitch Marner to the New York Islanders?

It’s either Mitch Marner or William Nylander traded next offseason. I say we keep Marner and trade Nylander as a sign and trade next offseason.

Marner needs to beef up. He keeps getting pushed around. I will take Dobson and Romanov for Marner.

Mitchy is an elite talent. He drives the play and is Matthew’s setup person. He will NOT be traded and will sign an 8-year extension next offseason.

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  1. Marner is an elite player, no doubt! However he is too soft, no grit or bite to his game, but the Islanders need a point producer for sure & Marner brings that… (I’m all in on Marner or Nylander,) Dobson is overrated thus far, but has serious potential. Romanov is the only player I do not want to see go, he is a TANK that hits like a battering ram, the Isles would miss him dearly. I love Palms but – Marner, yeah – nuff said.

    Marner, Nelson & Walstrom
    Barzal, Horvat & Lee
    Dufour-(Holmstrom), Pageau & Engvall
    Fasching, Cizekas & Martin-(Johnston)

    Pulock, Pelech
    Mayfield, Romanov
    Aho, Bolduc


    Not exactly a contender, but at this point I’ll take it, lol. Maybe try to add Patrick Kane to the mix…I’d rather have Nylander, he was the most noticeable Leaf forward in the playoffs. Of course none of this will happen so it’s a pointless conversation.

  2. We would be taking on more cap, ya meathead. Plus it’s Marner, never ever be an in division trade. Wake up. Can you at least be realistic with your rumor.

  3. So silly I shouldnt even comment. This trade would throw the Leafs back years with only Dobson worth looking at. Romanov is a number 4 D man. Palimeri is a third line player. Marner is an elite RW. He is an all star who will pocket 100 points. He will also be in the top two lines for a future Team Canada. Silly, silly trade. Marner is a elite player and the Leafs would demand an elite player in return.

  4. Marner is the best player on the Leafs, yes, better than Mathews. He’s not going anywhere. The new GM needs to build some confidence in this market before attempting a trade of this magnitude,

    • Taveras $11 million in 2025 and Brodie’s $$$$5 million in 2024 along with Muzzin’s $6 million in 2024 is going to allow the Leafs to do what they want.


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