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The Winnipeg Jets have been suffering from low attendance which is leading to speculation about relocation to Atlanta.

The Winnipeg Jets, a beloved NHL franchise, have recently faced an alarming issue: dwindling attendance at their home games. The stark reality is that their last game witnessed the lowest crowd in Winnipeg Jets 2.0 history, with just 11,226 in attendance. This marked a significant decline from the 13,410 fans who showed up for the home opener.

The decline in attendance is not an isolated incident. Last season, NHL fans raised concerns when the Jets had 1,600 empty seats during a home game against the Montreal Canadiens, which has always been a sell-out in the past. These trends have sparked discussions and even led some to speculate about the possibility of the team relocating.

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Will the Winnipeg Jets relocate to Atlanta?

It’s essential to remember that the Jets’ history is a complex one. The original Winnipeg Jets relocated to Phoenix in 1996, becoming the Arizona Coyotes. The return of the Jets in 2011 as the “Jets 2.0” marked a significant moment in the city’s hockey history.

However, attendance challenges are not unique to the Winnipeg Jets, as other NHL teams have faced similar issues. The COVID-19 pandemic, economic factors, and team performance can all impact attendance numbers.

While the recent decline in attendance is a concerning trend, it’s premature to speculate about the team’s relocation to Atlanta. The Winnipeg Jets have a passionate fan base and a strong hockey tradition, and the organization will likely take measures to address this issue.

Commissioner Gary Bettman is rumored to be interested in bringing an NHL team back to Atlanta due to his love for American cities.

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  1. People in Canada are having trouble putting food on the table with the pathetic government in Ottawa (who only knows lies and corruption) drive up the cost of living makes it hard for anyone to budget for entertainment. In addition the NHL with it’s Mob connected commissioner makes the majority of intelligent people question the honesty of the officiating and the integrity of professional sports in general as the problem is not unique to the NHL you see it in all the leagues now.

  2. No question that the NHL and the officials do like Canadian teams, just watch the ref’s if you don’t believe me, would help if the Jets were better than a average team and were above 500 a lot more than they are, a lot less crappy and non calls would help add all that in with the whopping cost to go to a game in Winnipeg and I will not be surprised when they are gone.


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