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Explore Leon Draisaitl's projected goals and assists for the 2024-2025 NHL season. Stay ahead in your fantasy hockey league with expert analysis.

As we approach the 2024-2025 NHL season, fantasy hockey managers are eagerly forecasting player performances to gain an edge in their leagues.

One player consistently at the forefront of these discussions is Edmonton Oilers’ star forward, Leon Draisaitl. Coming off a stellar 2023-2024 season with 41 goals and 65 assists, totaling 106 points in 81 games, Draisaitl remains a cornerstone for any fantasy team.

Analyzing Leon Draisaitl’s Projected Points

Draisaitl’s offensive prowess has been nothing short of remarkable. His ability to consistently produce at a high level makes him a top-tier pick in fantasy drafts. For the upcoming season, projections indicate an increase in his point total, driven by his synergy with teammate Connor McDavid and the overall offensive depth of the Oilers.

According to experts, Draisaitl is expected to score around 50 goals and add 83 assists, totaling an impressive 133 points for the 2024-2025 season​. This projection stems from his high shot volume, power-play efficiency, and role as a primary offensive driver for the Oilers. His playmaking ability, combined with his knack for finding the back of the net, ensures he remains a dual threat on the ice.

Factors Contributing to Draisaitl’s Projection

Several factors contribute to Draisaitl’s projected success:

  1. Team Dynamics: The Edmonton Oilers have bolstered their roster, adding depth that should alleviate some of the defensive focus on Draisaitl and McDavid. This improvement in supporting cast is expected to create more scoring opportunities.
  2. Consistency and Health: Draisaitl has proven his durability, missing minimal time due to injury over the past few seasons. This consistency in playtime allows him to maintain a high level of performance throughout the season.
  3. Power Play Dominance: Draisaitl excels on the power play, where he and McDavid form a lethal combination. The Oilers’ power play unit remains one of the most efficient in the league, contributing significantly to Draisaitl’s point totals.

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