Patrick Kane
NHL trade rumors for July 14, 2022 feature Patrick Kane. Which team will trade for Kane? Will it be the Sabres? Lightning or Leafs?

With the Chicago Blackhawks in the midst of a full on rebuild, NHL trade rumors are floating around on when the Blackhawks will trade Patrick Kane?

Kane will likely not be traded during the offseason or even at the start of the 2022-23 NHL season because of his $10 million Blackhawks salary cap hit.

Kane is likely a 2023 NHL trade Deadline deal. The big question is, which teams will make a pitch for a Patrick Kane trade?

During TSN’s Free Agent Frenzy show, host James Duthie asked the panel where Patrick Kane will be playing next season?

All NHL panelists agreed he will be traded at some point next season. Jeff O’Neill and Ray Ferraro believe Kane will be traded to his hometown Buffalo Sabres.

Dave Poulin thinks Kane will be traded to the Tampa Bay Lightning and Cheryl Pounder believes next season will be the Toronto Maple Leafs year and they will make a trade for Kane at the trade deadline.

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