Jonathan Drouin

Jonathan Drouin requested a trade

There is a lot of turmoil in Tampa Bay. First all the Steven Stamkos rumors, now The Score is reporting that the agent for Lightning’s Jonathan Drouin admits to a November trade request.

Quote from Drouin’s agent

On behalf of Jonathan Drouin, I formally requested a trade from the Tampa Bay Lightning in November. We have not said one word about this untenable situation publicly until today. It’s in everyone’s best interests that Jonathan be allowed to move on and play hockey. Let’s be clear, Jonathan loves playing for the fans in Tampa, he loves his teammates and many people within the Lightning organization have treated him well. It was his sincere intention to play in Tampa for man years.

What will the Lightning do? Jonathan Drouin was very upset last year at being benched during the Lighting playoff run last season. Could the Lightning trade Drouin plus prospects to the Winnipeg Jets for Dustin Byfuglien?

What Tampa Bay might do is trade Drouin for draft picks and prospects as they do need cap space if they want to re-sign Steven Stamkos to a new contract.


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