Gordie Howe

We knew Gordie Howe was a dominant physical force in his career, but this image goes against the modern idea that training is light years ahead of what it was in the old days. That’s probably the case for the most part, but maybe Howe was an exception. Today’s NHLers train like Ivan Drago, but Howe trained like Rocky. He was a fitness machine from a young age, gaining his physique not just from typical exercise, but from things like working construction. No wonder he was still an NHLer at 51 years old.

Source: The Hockey News

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  1. A bodybuilder friend that I worked with and I went through the Lloyd Percival Fitness Institute on a 2 man tour in 1969. We were told by the man who took us around, that to that date, Gordie Howe had the greatest wrist strength ever measured by them.

    I met Jimmy Thompson, in 1987, the former star Leaf defenseman who played against Howe and I asked him about Howe and he said: “You had to watch him, his elbows came up awfully fast in the corners.”. Jim was a real nice man and I could see that in that talk, and he said that without hesitation, so I knew it was true for sure.


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