Picture of Erik Karlsson and Sidney Crosby. Will Karlsson be traded to the Pittsburgh Penguins?
The latest NHL rumors on the Erik Karlsson trade saga have the Pittsburgh Penguins as the landing spot for the defenseman.

Could the Erik Karlsson trade saga be reaching the finish line? NHL rumors had the Carolina Hurricanes, Seattle Kraken and Toronto Maple Leafs all being tied to a Karlsson trade.

It appears though, the Pittsburgh Penguins are the team that Norris Trophy defenseman Erik Karlsson could end up on.

Erik Karlsson trade to the Pittsburgh Penguins coming soon?

TSN.ca is reporting on it’s website that Sidney Crosby and Kris Letang want GM Kyle Dubas to make the trade. Letang has informed Dubas that he is willing to give up his spot on the #1 powerplay unit if the Pens do indeed make the Erik Karlsson trade.

San Jose Sharks GM Mike Grier has stated that the team will not retain 50% of Karlsson’s salary if a trade is to happen. Even if the Sharks retain 20% of the Karlsson contract, the Penguins are still looking at a salary cap hit of $9.2 million a year.

It will be interesting to see how GM Kyle Dubas will bring in Karlsson at still a massive cap hit with no salary cap room to work with.

What are Penguins fans saying about a potential Erik Karlsson trade?

Please do not make this Erik Karlsson trade. We need more grit, not skilled players. Let’s build for the future. Our time is up, time to think about the Pens future.

I still see Karlsson ending up on the Carolina hurricanes or Toronto Maple Leafs.

We need to get young. We do not need an aging 33 year old defenseman where his contract in two year’s will screw us. It is a pass on Karlsson for me.

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  1. 33 yrs old .. 11.2 mill contract… norris trophy winner at the age of 33 again. He does have some fight left in him.. i dont see him going to toronto .. one reason being. they dont wanna sign nylander to 10 mill + .. so what makes yall think theyll add that alrdy cap stress roster.. Pittsburg doesnt need him .. theyre aging out.. and like one commnet had mentioned .teams want to get younger .. not older. so I dont see him there aswell.. however i do see him wearing a seattle kraken jersey … but i think they alrdy signed a defenseman whose younger.. so im betting the hurricanes will move on him.. they need that on the back end .

  2. If Karlsson gets traded, it would be to Toronto, Carolina or Seattle. He won’t be traded to Pittsburgh. However, the likeliest outcome is that Karlsson remains with the Sharks for the 2023-2024 season and then becomes an unrestricted free agent on July 1, 2024.

  3. Erik Karlsson’s contract is untradeable. He is not going anywhere. He is stuck in San Jose until his contract expires.


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