Jack Campbell
NHL trade rumors for June 28, 2022 feature the Edmonton Oilers targeting Jack Campbell and Ville Husso during the free agency period.

GM Ken Holland would like to land a big name goalie for the Edmonton Oilers. Marc-Andre Fleury has said no to the Oilers.

NHL trade rumors have Edmonton on John Gibson’s no-trade list, so who will the Oilers target as their starting goalie this offseason?

Mark Spector of Sportsnet suggests the Oilers two primary targets for a starting goalie this summer are Jack Campbell and Ville Husso.

Spector went on to say, the free agent frenzy market will drive up Husso’s price which will make the Oilers pass on the Blues goalie.

Spector predicts the Oilers will sign Campbell as he is a person who would work well and mentor Oilers backup goalie Stuart Skinner, who should get 25 starts this season.

The Oilers are banking on Skinner to become the goalie of the future but Campbell will give Edmonton stability for another Stanley Cup run.

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  1. “Another Stanley Cup run”

    Not happening, this year was a fluke, even then it took a perfect storm of terribly biased officiating, multiple injuries to the Flames, and Kane on the cheap. The only round where the officiating wasn’t incredibly biased in the oilers favor was the one they got swept in.

    • Flamer stop . Your crying the blues is just embarrassing .As long as you worship Johnny Hokey your never going anywhere .


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