Jesse Puljujarvi
NHL trade rumors for July 1, 2022 feature the Edmonton Oilers and Jesse Puljujarvi agreeing a trade would be beneficial for both.

It has come as no surprise that Jesse Puljujarvi is in the NHL trade rumors mill as the 2022 NHL Entry Draft approaches.

Puljujarvi started the first half of the NHL season as a point per game player but disappeared on the Oilers in the 2nd half and found himself in the bottom six of the lineup.

David Staples of the Edmonton Journal reports Puljujarvi and the Oilers agree that a trade would benefit both the team and the player.

 It’s not the Oilers just saying, ‘We’re done with Jesse Puljujarvi.’ I think there’s kind of a mutual understanding there that both sides are OK with moving on…It’s not, ‘Hey, they need him to play with skilled players.’ It just feels like it’s time to move on and everybody kind of agrees.

Tom Gazzola, The Oil Stream podcast

The Oilers drafted Puljujarvi 4th overall at the 2016 NHL Entry Draft and made an oops when they passed on Matthew Tkachuk and Mikhail Sergachev. That is all hindsight as you never know how players turn out. But the Oilers would love a do-over.

The Oilers are not looking to take back a player under contract, they are hoping to receive a 2nd and a 3rd round pick in a Puljujarvi trade.

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