Edmonton Oilers' Jack Campbell in action, speculated in a major trade to Arizona Coyotes involving Matt Dumba
Will Jack Campbell be traded to the Arizona Coyotes for Matt Dumba

NHL rumors are abuzz about a potential blockbuster trade that could redefine the fortunes of both the Edmonton Oilers and the Arizona Coyotes. Central to this rumor is Oilers’ goaltender Jack Campbell, whose move to Arizona is speculated to be a part of a significant deal involving several key assets.

The Edmonton Oilers, firmly in a ‘win now’ mindset, are reportedly considering a trade that would send Jack Campbell, along with a 2024 1st-round pick, Philip Broberg, and Xavier Bourgault to the Arizona Coyotes in exchange for defenseman Matt Dumba. This deal, if materialized, would be a game-changer for both teams involved.

Analyzing the Impact of Jack Campbell’s Potential Move to Arizona

For the Oilers, the motivation behind this trade is multifaceted. Firstly, unloading Campbell’s $5 million annual contract, which extends for the next four years, would significantly free up the Oilers salary cap, providing them with much-needed flexibility. Secondly, acquiring Matt Dumba, a right-handed defenseman, would bolster their defensive lineup, an area they have been looking to strengthen to complement their already potent offensive prowess.

However, the cost of this trade is not to be underestimated. The Oilers would be parting with not just Campbell, but also three significant assets. A first-round pick always carries the potential for the future, and in Philip Broberg and Xavier Bourgault, the Oilers would be giving up two promising talents who could have a substantial impact in the coming years.

For the Arizona Coyotes, this trade represents an opportunity to acquire a first-round pick and two prospects, signaling a focus on future potential. Dumba’s departure, while significant, could be seen as a necessary move to accumulate assets that align with their long-term vision.

This rumored trade underscores the delicate balancing act that NHL teams must perform – weighing present success against future potential. For the Oilers, the immediate goal is clear: bolster their roster for a deep playoff run. For the Coyotes, it’s about building a sustainable, competitive team for the future.

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  1. this is made up nonsense

    its not a blockbuster

    dumba is nowhere close to the player he was

    1 new player isnt going to help the oilers, especially one like dumba.

    and oilers just gave connor brown $4mil and last season camplbell $25mil and nurse $74mil. oilers have proven they cant handle a cap.

    time to make up another trade


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