Juuse Saros Nashville Predators goalie facing off against New Jersey Devils
Could the Devils land Juuse Saros? NHL insider Pierre LeBrun believes a blockbuster trade is possible.

The New Jersey Devils are aiming for a rapid turnaround, targeting Stanley Cup contention next season after a disappointing performance this year. Despite their current struggles, they possess the pieces as a playoff team, and NHL insider Pierre LeBrun believes a serious play for Nashville Predators star goalie Juuse Saros could be the key to their resurgence.

Saros has been a consistent bright spot for the Nashville Predators, but the team’s commitment to developing top prospect Yaroslav Askarov into their next starting goalie could make Saros expendable.

New Jersey Devils Could Offer Massive Package for Saros

LeBrun suggests that it would take an absolutely massive package to get Predators GM Barry Trotz to entertain a Juuse Saros deal. The Devils are one of the few teams that might actually have the assets to pull it off. Speculation centers around a package that must include a top-tier young player like Dawson Mercer, a high-value prospect such as defenseman Seamus Casey, and at least a first-round draft pick.

Saros Contract Situation

With one year remaining on his current $5 million AAV contract, Saros still presents a great value. However, he’s eligible for a contract extension this summer. That adds further complexity, as a contending team like the Devils would want the security of a long-term deal before committing such a wealth of assets.

Devils Have the Means and Motivation

The Devils have the pieces and, more importantly, the motivation to make a move like this. The team was a disappointment this season and goaltending remains a question mark that has cost the team a playoff spot. A generational talent like Saros would lock down the crease and solidify their status as Stanley Cup threats.

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