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Dave Bolland was on Toronto’s local sports station The Fan 590 and he was asked if he would like to re-sign with the Leafs.

Bolland said, it was his top priority to re-sign with Toronto. He would like to sign a long-term deal and retire as a Toronto Maple Leaf.

Bolland is looking for a 7-8 year deal worth $5.5 -$6 million a year. The Leafs are looking to sign Bolland to a similar contract like the one Tyler Bozak signed with the Leafs. Toronto is looking at a 5 year deal worth $4.5 million/year.

If Bolland if not signed by the Leafs when free agency starts this summer, he will likely not be back with the Leafs. Rumors are the Florida Panthers would love to sign Bolland.

Dave Bolland wants to re-sign with the Toronto Maple Leafs


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