Cody Ceci in action, potential trade candidate for Arizona Coyotes, NHL 2023-2024 season
Explore the latest on Cody Ceci's trade rumors to the Arizona Coyotes. Insights into NHL strategies and impacts on both teams' rosters.

The Arizona Coyotes appear to be shifting their focus toward Edmonton Oilers’ defenseman Cody Ceci as a potential trade target.

This comes amid the Coyotes’ continued search for a reliable defenseman, having previously shown interest in Calgary Flames’ Noah Hanifin. However, Ceci emerges as a more cost-effective option.

Ceci’s current season with the Oilers reflects a consistent performance, crucial for a team like the Coyotes aiming to bolster their defense.

Ceci has played 23 games, during which he has tallied zero goals but a noteworthy six assists, indicate his strength in supporting offensive plays. Additionally, his performance in the season is marked by a positive six plus-minus rating, signifying his effective presence on the ice during goals scored against the opposing team​​​​.

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Analyzing Cody Ceci’s Potential Trade to the Arizona Coyotes

The speculated trade involving Ceci to the Coyotes not only addresses their need for a defenseman but also aligns financially for both teams. The Coyotes hold a considerable number of draft picks in the upcoming 2024 NHL draft, providing them with valuable assets for negotiation.

On the other hand, Edmonton could benefit from this trade by shedding approximately $3 million from their Oilers salary cap, granting them greater flexibility to pursue other necessary roster enhancements.

For the Coyotes, acquiring a player like Ceci could be a strategic move. His current performance and experience in the league could provide the defensive stability the team seeks. Moreover, with the trade’s potential financial benefits for Edmonton, this deal appears to be a mutually advantageous opportunity for both teams.

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