Picture of Erik Karlsson. Will the Predators or Hurricanes make a trade for him.
NHL rumors have the Nashville Predators and Carolina Hurricanes interested in a Erik Karlsson trade.

It is no secret that Erik Karlsson would like to be traded to a playoff contender than being stuck on a rebuilding San Jose Sharks team.

The problem Sharks management have had in trying to trade Karlsson is his contract. Karlsson has a Sharks salary cap hit of $11.5 million for the next four seasons. You would think that would be a bargain for a defenseman coming off a 101 point (25g, 76a) season. But his age and potential decline of play in the next few years is an issue some teams have.

Hurricanes and Penguins interested in a Erik Karlsson trade

Dave Poulin was on TSN Radio 1050 and he was asked about Erik Karlsson and what teams would be interested in a trade. Poulin does not see a fit with the Toronto Maple Leafs or Ottawa Senators as NHL rumors have suggested. Poulin feels Erik Karlsson will be traded to a team that needs offense.

Poulin went on to say in his radio hit that the Carolina Hurricanes, Pittsburgh Penguins and Nashville Predators make the most sense for a Karlsson landing spot.

All three teams are seeking offense and Karlsson is a player that creates the offense. The Hurricanes and Predators have the assets and salary cap space to complete a trade. The Penguins will have to trade out a contract to fit Karlsson’s cap hit into the Pens lineup.

What are NHL fans saying about a potential Erik Karlsson trade?

Even if a team has to take on, say, $7 million of Karlsson’s contract for the term, he is certainly a piece that can push a team to be a Stanley Cup contender. If I am Nashville, Pittsburgh or Carolina, I make the trade.

Come on Toronto Maple Leafs, pull this Erik Karlsson trade off! Ship out Muzzin’s and Murray’s contract and we can fit his salary into the team.

It will be interesting to see what teams are interested. Playoff teams spending close to the cap are my guess. Not sure who will have $8M or $9M free for one player.

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