Picture of J.T. Miller and Pavel Zacha. Will the Boston Bruins and Vancouver Canucks work on a blockbuster trade?
The latest NHL trade rumors have the Boston Bruins and Vancouver Canucks working on a J.T. Miller for Pavel Zacha trade.

The Boston Bruins beloved center has retired and the team will be searching for a replacement for Patrice Bergeron.

As we head into August there will be a lot of NHL trade rumors and chatter about the Boston Bruins making a trade for a center. Calgary Flames forward Elias Lindholm has already been linked to the Bruins.

One trade partner for the B’s could be the Vancouver Canucks as they would love to shed some salary to free up some much-needed salary cap space.

Boston Bruins packaging Pavel Zacha for Vancouver Canucks J.T. Miller

J.T. Miller was in the NHL trade rumors mill quite often last season but nothing materialized from the rumors. Yes, he has signed an eight-year contract extension with the Vancouver Canucks. That does not mean he can’t be traded. He could waive his no-move clause if he wants to play for a team he desires.

The Boston Bruins could be enticing to Miller and get the chance to play with a dynamic scorer like David Pastrnak.

What could it take for the Boston Bruins to make a J.T. Miller trade and make salaries work for both teams?

The Vancouver Canucks would get the Bruins first-round pick in 2026 along with forward Pavel Zacha and prospect Fabian Lysell.

The Boston Bruins would receive J.T. Miller and a 2024 fourth-round pick from the Vancouver Canucks.

The trade would free up $3,232,527 in much-needed salary cap space for the Canucks and the Bruins would land a first-line center.

What are Boston Bruins and Vancouver Canucks fans saying about the trade proposal?

Pavel Zachaa is going to have a breakout year playing with David Pastrnak. I would not make this trade for an aging J.T. Miller.

Miller likes Vancouver and his contract will be awful in three-four years time. If I were Boston, I look elsewhere.

Boston’s center depth next year is not looking too good. They need to make a trade.

Pavel Zacha
Charlie Coyle
Morgan Geekie
Jesper Boqvist
Patrick Brown
Jayson Megna


  1. The Canucks aren’t leaving a hole in the 2C with this trade, Zacha is promising but unproven. Age is closer to core of Peterson, Hughes, Hronek, Demko.

    Cap space isn’t an issue as soon as Tyler Myers is moved for $1M in real cash after the bonus is paid in September. Tucker Poolman will be on permanent LTIR – another Jim Penning “gift” (like Micheal Ferland was).

    Not sure how the numbers work for Boston as they’re at the cap now, and Vancouver’s not taking money back. Tell me how the proposal doesn’t put Boston $5M over the cap.

    Boston needs something like it, without more changes they’re a bubble team.

  2. Miller isn’t going anywhere any year soon especially not for this trade. I can see many teams talking to Calgary since they have players that don’t want to resign there.

  3. You are out of your mind that the Bruins would move a 1st, Lysell and Zacha who they just resigned for JT Miller. Sweeney may as well hand in resignation papers with a trade like that.

  4. Makes me laugh the f out loud when u read comments like “Tyler”. Clowns like this obviously haven’t watched more than 2 minutes of J.T. Miller playing. He’s absolutely a capable first line center with a bit of a mean streak. I’ve watched him play since, and before, he arrived in Vancouver. The first half of his new contract will absolutely benefit whichever team he ends up playing for. The second half? Now that’s a gamble. But hey, Ovechkin looks good at his age, why not Miller?

    • Why not trade J.T. Miller to the Capitals for veteran winger Anthony Mantha, a 1st-round draft pick, and a prospect such as center Hendrix Lapierre? Then, Miller and Ovechkin could both look good for their age on the same line while Ovi chases Gretzky’s all-time goal record?

    • That’s because they live in their Boston bubble listening to that dumpster fire of an announcer Jack Edwards. I’ve never heard a worse homer than him. His play by play during the Lucic/Rechlicz fight belongs in the homer hall of shame.

  5. Why would the Bruins do this? Another first round pick gone, a heavily depleted system and core players retiring, moving a promising young piece, one of their top prospects from said depleted pipeline already that they need to stock and hold onto what they have. Plus, being limited and pressed in cap space themselves. This is laughable and makes absolutely no sense for them to make a trade that looks like that.

    • The Canucks will unload a winger before trading Miller, he’s too important to trade at the moment. He takes important faceoffs and hits, fights, and scores at a ppg or better pace. If Boeser does better this year because he’s free of his emotional baggage. And is actually training rather than playing in Da beauty league, he’ll give the Canucks all the leverage they need to get a decent return.

  6. The Bruins will have to wait until one of the prospects are ready to play center. I know fans think I’m crazy for saying this, however I believe the Bruins have 3 or 4 center prospects which are on the verge of breaking into the NHL. Poitras, Merkulov, Harrison and Gasseau are all on the way up the organizations depth chart. In terms of talent Poitras is a masterful setup type center which the Bruins want to shoot more often, very high hockey IQ, working hard at being a 3 zone player. Merkulov is more of all around points producer, better goal scorer than Poitras at the moment, high hockey IQ not as good in all 3 zones. While Poitras and Merkulov are just under 6 feet Harrison has the size 6′ 2″, speed and a great accurate shot, he can score from a lot of different places and a high hockey IQ. Gasseau is the longest shot to make the Bruins big club, you have to love his size 6′ 4″ 211 lbs. Great hands, quick release, crafty in small areas, along boards and in the corners. Good in all zones, continues to work on his 200 foot game. I’m not an expert, it’s my humble opinion the Bruins should let one or two of these guys develop in the NHL, if they are close at the end of training camp. It would be great to see Poitras at center, Merkulov at left wing, Lohrei on defense stick with the Bruins.

    1. Marchand, Poitras and DeBrusk
    2. Zacha, Krejci and Pastrnak
    3. van Riemsdyk, Coyle and Frederic
    4. Lauko, Boqvist, Geekie
    Extras: Greer, Lucic, Megna, Brown and Steen. I don’t know who has 2 way contracts and who doesn’t.

  7. and the Canucks would lose a first line center and lower the chances of making the playoffs this coming season . I don`t see it happening

    • Give me a break if you’re the Canucks you trip over your feet running to make this deal. There’s no way the bruins would ever do this, this is a ridiculous proposal. Miller is barely a second line center right now let alone a first line center, what the hell are these people talking about?

      • you don`t know what your talking about and your just here to troll . boston is obviously like the laffs , good regular season team but not a playoff team right now

      • Both are the same age, but you’re going to pay more for Scheifele than you will Miller. Miller plays a harder nose style, more in line with the way the Bruins like to play so you’re damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Personally I don’t want the Canucks to trade one of the few players they do have that are willing to fight if necessary.

      • Uhh, you’re kidding right? Miller has been a ppg player since arriving in Vancouver, wins faceoffs at a better than fifty percent rate, and will fight if needed so I don’t know where you get that they would be tripping all over themselves to trade Miller for an undersized prospect in Lysell, and Zacha who’s never scored more than 57 point in a full 82 game season, which he’s done only once btw. That first round pick is going to be a late round first as well, so yeah Boston would be getting the better player.


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