Auston Matthews celebrating a goal during a Maple Leafs game
Auston Matthews makes history with 50 goals in 54 games. Get up-to-date stats and analysis on his record-breaking season.

Auston Matthews continues to make hockey history. The Toronto Maple Leafs superstar just blazed past the 50-goal mark in only 54 games this season. His blistering pace makes him the fastest American-born player to ever reach this milestone, and the fastest overall since Mario Lemieux’s legendary 50-in-50 run during the 1995-96 season.

Matthews’ scoring dominance doesn’t just stop at the 50-goal mark. As of this writing, he has 50 goals and 24 assists for 74 points in 54 games this 2023-2024 NHL season. At this breathtaking pace, he’s on track to obliterate his previous career-best 60-goal season and could potentially challenge some of the league’s all-time goal-scoring records.

Auston Matthews: A Scorer Like No Other

Matthews’ remarkable consistency has been the key to his success. He’s a threat to score with every shift – his lethal shot, hockey smarts, and drive to win make him almost impossible for defenders to contain. He’s single-handedly elevating the Maple Leafs, making them a serious threat come playoff time.

The NHL has never seen a scorer quite like Auston Matthews. It’s a genuine thrill to witness him play the game at this extraordinary level.

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