Picture of the Arizona Coyotes new arena concept in Temp, Arizona. Will the team relocate to Salt Lake City?
The Arizona Coyotes are destined to be relocated. Will it be to Salt Lake City? Quebec City? Houston? Kansas City?

With the recent Arizona Coyotes arena vote that took place a few weeks back that was rejected by voters in Tempe, NHL trade rumors have been floating around on what the NHL will do with the team?

A lot has been mentioned online from a second team in Toronto, the Yotes moving to Kansas City or Houston. Could a NHL team resurface in Quebec City?

Salt Lake City the destination choice for the Arizona Coyotes?

It seems if the NHL does decide to relocate the Arizona Coyotes franchise it will be to Salt Lake City. Bill Daly, the deputy commissioner of the NHL recently stated…

We have certainly talked to Ryan Smith (owner of the Utah Jazz) and he has indicated he has an interest in bringing the NHL to Salt Lake City.

Bill Daly

Gary Bettman has been so patient with Arizona because he loves the market size the Coyotes offer and believes the team can work in Arizona. It appears Bettman wants one more shot at trying to get an arena deal in Arizona before they relocate to another city.

What are NHL fans saying about the Arizona Coyotes possible relocation?

if the Coyotes can’t find a long term option in Arizona in the next little while, they will be forced to move and I think Salt Lake City might be the most likely city to get them.

Find someone who is as loyal to you as Gary is to Arizona. Time to relocate them to Salt Lake or Quebec City.

Bettman shows again that he is unwilling to recognize and move on from a mistake. Its a failed experiment. Own the mistake and move on.

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