NHL Predictions

Here are PuckMePlease.com’s early 2014 – 15 regular season and playoff predictions.

For all the Toronto Maple Leaf haters and lovers, I have them making the playoffs. Dave Nonis did not bring back 4 players that were in the bottom 20 for Corsi rating. The defense and puck postion should be improved this year.

(WC) = Wild Card Team
(MP) = Misses Playoffs

For my updated 015 Playoff predictions click here

NHL 2014-2015 Regular Season Predictions

Eastern Conference Western Conference
Metropolitan Division Atlantic Division
Central Division
Pacific Division
Pittsburgh Penguins Boston Bruins Chicago Blackhawks LA Kings
Columbus Blue Jackets Tampa Bay Lightning Colorado Avalanche Anaheim Ducks
New York Rangers Montreal Canadiens Minnesota Wild San Jose Sharks
Philadelphia Flyers (WC) Toronto Maple Leafs (WC) Dallas Stars (WC) Edmonton Oilers (MP)
Washington Captails (MP) Detroit Red Wings (MP) St. Louis Blues (WC) Vancouver Canucks (MP)
New York Islanders (MP) Florida Panthers (MP) Winnipeg Jets (MP) Phoenix Coyotes (MP)
Carolina Hurricanes (MP) Ottawa Senators (MP) Nashville Predators (MP) Calgary Flames (MP)
New Jersey Devils (MP) Buffalo Sabres (MP)

2015 NHL Playoff Predictions

Eastern Conference Western Conference
Playoff Round 1
Playoff Round 1
1. Boston Bruins Boston (4-2) 1. Chicago Blackhawks Chicago (4-1)
8. Toronto Maple Leafs 8. St, Louis Blues
2. Pittsburgh Penguins Pittsburgh (4-3) 2. LA Kings LA (4-2)
7. Philadelphia Flyers 7. Dallas Stars
3. Tampa Bay Lightning
4. Montreal Canadiens
Division Match-up:
# 2 seed versus #3
Tampa (4-3) 3. Anaheim Ducks
4. San Jose Sharks
Division Match-up:
# 2 seed versus #3
Anaheim (4-3)
5. Columbus Blue Jackets
6. New York Rangers
Division Match-up:
# 2 seed versus #3
Columbus (4-2) 5. Colorado Avalanche
6. Minnesota Wild
Division Match-up:
# 2 seed versus #3
Colorado (4-2)
Eastern Conference Western Conference
Playoff Round 2
Playoff Round 2
1. Boston Bruins Boston (4-3) 1. Chicago Blackhawks Chicago (4-3)
3. Tampa Bay Lightning 4. Colorado Avalanche
2. Pittsburgh Penguins Pittsburgh (4-2) 2. LA Kings Anaheim (4-3)
5. Columbus Blue Jackets 3. Anaheim Ducks
Eastern Conference Western Conference
Playoff Round 3
Playoff Round 3
1. Boston Bruins Pittsburgh (4-3) 1. Chicago Blackhawks Anaheim (4-2)
2. Pittsburgh Penguins 3. Anaheim Ducks
Stanley Cup
2. Pittsburgh Penguins Anaheim Ducks (4-2)
3. Anaheim Ducks

nhl playoff predictions 2014-15


  1. Vancouver finishing last in the Pacific? After a historically bad season, that saw them go from 3rd in the west to out of the playoffs, you expect Calgary AND Edmonton to leapfrog them? Please give me some of what you’re smoking! I don’t know that my ‘Nucks will make the playoffs, but they will definitely finish higher than last in the Pacific. Getting rid of Kesler was a plus, and they added depth in the trade. Kes was cancer in the room by the end and with added youth, the twins ramping it up knowing their end is in sight in 3 or 4 years, I predict a surprising season for Vancouver.

    8)New Jersey

    3)Tampa Bay*

    2)Los Angeles*
    3)San Jose*

    1)St. Louis*

    PIT vs WSH= PIT 4-3
    NYR vs CBJ = NYR 4-3
    MTL vs DET = MTL 4-2
    BOS vs TBL = TBL 4-3

    ANA vs CGY= ANA 4-1
    CHI vs MIN = CHI 4-2
    STL vs COL = STL 4-3
    LAK vs SJS = LAK 4-3

    Semi Finals
    PIT vs NYR= NYR 4-3
    MTL vs TBL = TBL 4-2

    ANA vs LAK= ANA 4-2
    STL vs CHI= CHI 4-1

    Conference Finals
    NYR vs TBL= NYR 4-3

    ANA vs CHI= CHI 4-2

    •Stanley Cup Final•
    NYR vs CHI= NYR 4-3

    • lmfao the rangers winning the cup? Right lmfao and the jets finishing last…………..get a clue and get informed on hockey…horrible predictions.

      • Well Ryan, I think it is you that needs some education on hockey. Looks like the dudes predictions were pretty good and the NYR have a GREAT chance of being Stanley Cup winners. Looks like your bashing of someone has backed fired dumbass!

    • I actually agree for a few things like NYR reaching east final this year again… but win the cup seems very bold to me!

      I see more

      EAST final MTL vs NYR= MTL 4-3
      WEST final CHI vs NSH= CHI 4-2

      I like to think the cup will stay in the west, but this year might be MTL’s 25th cup. Carey Price seems outstanding if not unstoppable. They concede the less goals in the league and historically in the last 5 years the teams who concede the less reaches finals. I have to say, only if MTL gets a good trade on deadline they could be considered as a serious team.

  3. Terrible predictions. First off St. Louis as the 8th seed? That team could win the presidents trophy. Never count Detroit out of the playoffs. I think Tampa comes out of the east with tons young talent\bishop in net. Everyone pencils Chicago or LA into the finals, but c’mon, every playoff team improved dramatically in the west. I’ll take Dallas or Colorado in a surprising west conference playoffs

  4. So your saying with a rookie head coach,who has been coaching his entire pro career in the WHL is going to take the Penguins to the Stanley Cup Final? Im sorry but the penguins are a mess right now and have a ways to go before they become an elite contender in the NHL. The only thing the Penguins have right now is Malkin and Crosby. The Penguins will make the playoffs next year however I can’t see them being higher than a 7th or 8th seed.

    • Totally, Shane. These predictions look like they account for very little that happened over the summer. Penguins will be no higher than 2nd in their div. Probably 3rd.

  5. Generally, I like your predictions.
    With one but –
    The Phil/Pitt series. Either team that makes it out of that round is going to be so beat up and so depleted that they are not going to make it through the next round.

  6. Love your predictions… they are pretty good.

    A Western conference team will win the cup. Anaheim or LA again for me.


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