Picture of Connor Hellebuyck. The latest NHL trade rumors have him staying in Winnipeg.
The latest NHL trade rumors for the Winnipeg Jets have goalie Connor Hellebuyck staying a Jet for the time being.

NHL free agent frenzy was quite a busy time for NHL trade rumors as William Nylander and Erik Karlsson dominated the rumor mill all of July.

One other player that was mentioned quite a few times was Winnipeg Jets goalie Connor Hellebuyck. He was linked to the New Jersey Devils but nothing materialized from the rumors.

Connor Hellebuyck staying a Winnipeg Jet, for now

Before NHL hockey insider Elliotte Friedman went on summer hiatus, he reported on the NHL Network that he thinks Winnipeg Jets goalie Connor Hellebuyck will start the season in goal as a Jet.

Hellebuyck has an interest in signing with the Jets long-term. NHL trade rumors have Hellebuyck asking for a contract extension at $9.5 million AVV and Winnipeg is not committed to signing their star goalie to that ask.

It will be interesting to see if Hellebuyck and Jets management can agree to a long-term extension since the Jets are not looking to do a rebuild and would rather keep their all-star goalie.

What are Winnipeg Jets fans saying about a potential Connor Hellebuyck trade?

The Winnipeg Jets need to trade Connor Hellebuyck. Accept he is moving on and build around Kyle Connor.

I see the Detroit Red Wings making a pitch for Hellebuyck in the next few months.

This is sad. Hellebuyck played his heart out for the Jets. What he got in front of him was a bunch of babies. He deserved way better.

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