Picture of Jay Woodcroft talking to Connor McDavid. Are major changes coming in Edmonton?
Explore the Edmonton Oilers' early-season hurdles in 2023-24. Will a coaching change or major trade spark a turnaround?

The Edmonton Oilers have stumbled out of the gate in the early part of the season, raising myriad questions about the future of the team, particularly concerning the coaching staff and potential trades.

The Oilers are not living up to expectations, casting a shadow not only over head coach Jay Woodcroft but also team stalwarts like Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl. The dilemma now is whether a coaching change or a major trade could be the catalyst needed to snap the Oilers out of their slump.

Will the Edmonton Oilers fire Jay Woodcroft?

The underwhelming performance so far puts immense pressure on Woodcroft, whose position seems to be on shaky grounds. Dismissing Woodcroft could potentially inject a fresh perspective and reignite the team’s dynamism.

However, such a change comes with its own set of challenges and uncertainties. On the flip side, the players, especially the seasoned leaders like McDavid and Draisaitl, must step up and take responsibility for turning the tide.

Are the Oilers looking to make a major trade?

The idea of a trade to shake things up is also on the table, albeit with significant hurdles. The current cap space conundrum faced by many teams makes executing a beneficial trade a complex endeavor at this juncture of the season.

The Oilers, however, have the time to rectify their course. The season is still relatively young, and there’s ample opportunity to climb back up the standings. Yet, the clock is ticking. Another dismal month could plunge the Oilers into a standings abyss, potentially too deep to climb out from.

The good news amidst the turmoil is the undeniable talent and potential within the Oilers’ roster. But for now, it seems like the solutions must come from within—be it a resurgence of team spirit, a tactical shift, or individual players rising to the occasion. The coming weeks will be crucial in determining the trajectory of the Oilers’ season and whether a major shake-up is indeed on the horizon.

What are NHL fans saying about the Edmonton Oilers struggles?

There will not be a coaching change in Edmonton. The fans and players like Woodcroft. A trade is more likely to happen.

Edmonton has been non-competitive and lackadaisical for 3 coaches now. It is not Woodcrofts fault.

At least they are not the San Jose Sharks. Still time to turn things around as the article pointed out.

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