Milan Lucic

The LA Kings are looking to make another run at the Stanley Cup this coming season. That is why they made the trade for Milan Lucic. If the Kings struggle this year, they will likely trade Lucic at the NHL Trade Deadline. If not, the Kings know, Lucic will be lost to free agency when July 1, 2016 comes around.

Lucic is completing a three-year, $18 million contract and it’s expected he’ll seek a significant raise. The Kings currently have over $49 million invested in 15 players for 2016-17 and the Kings have to re-sign Anze Kopitar next year and he will be looking at a $10 million/ year salary. The Kings still do not know if they will have to cover  Mike Richards and Slava Voynov’s salaries or buy-outs?

Rumors have Lucic wanting to play for his home town Vancouver Canucks. No matter what, the Kings will not be able to afford Lucic next year and he will either be traded or sign with another team as a free agent next summer.



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