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Explore 3 compelling reasons why trading Linus Ullmark to the New Jersey Devils makes perfect sense for both teams. Plus, get the latest NHL trade rumors and Bruins news.

The rumor mill is buzzing with speculation about a potential trade that could send Boston Bruins goaltender Linus Ullmark to the New Jersey Devils. While nothing is official, the idea has gained traction amongst NHL insiders and fans alike.

Why the Ullmark to Devils Trade Could Shake Up the 2024 NHL Offseason

  1. Bruins’ Salary Cap Relief and Future Goaltending: The Bruins are facing a salary cap crunch, with key players like Jeremy Swayman needing new contracts. Ullmark’s $5 million cap hit represents a significant chunk of their budget. By trading Ullmark, the Bruins would free up valuable cap space to address other needs while entrusting the crease to Swayman, a rising star who has shown immense potential. This move would not only alleviate their immediate cap concerns but also solidify their goaltending future.
  2. Devils’ Need for a Proven Starter: The Devils have a talented young core but lack a reliable starting goaltender. They’ve been linked to several goaltenders this season, and Ullmark’s Vezina Trophy-winning pedigree makes him an attractive option. His addition would provide the Devils with a proven starter capable of stealing games and leading them to the next level. Ullmark’s experience and leadership would be invaluable for a young Devils team with Stanley Cup aspirations.
  3. Trade Package Benefits Both Sides: The proposed trade package, which involves the Devils sending their 2024 first-round pick and forward Curtis Lazar to Boston, seems to address the needs of both teams. The Bruins would acquire a valuable first-round pick to bolster their prospect pool and a versatile forward in Lazar who can contribute in various roles. Meanwhile, the Devils would land their coveted starting goaltender without sacrificing any core pieces.

The Bottom Line:

While this trade remains a rumor for now, it’s easy to see why it makes sense for both the Bruins and Devils. The Bruins would gain much-needed cap flexibility and secure their future in net, while the Devils would acquire a top-tier goaltender to complete their championship puzzle. Only time will tell if this trade comes to fruition, but it’s undoubtedly a storyline worth watching as the NHL offseason unfolds.

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