Erik Karlsson and Timo Meier celebrating a goal
NHL trade rumors for October 29, 2022 feature Timo Meier, Logan Couture and Erik Karlsson on the trade block.

Now that we are few weeks into the NHL season, NHL trade rumors are starting to make the rounds. The latest has the San Jose Sharks looking to move quite a few roster players as the season goes along.

It appears they are looking to rebuild rather than retool. They could be joining the tank nation teams in the hopes of winning the 2023 draft lottery to select Connor Bedard #1 overall.

Pierre LeBrun was on TSN’s Insider Trading segment and reports that San Jose Sharks management have let teams know they are willing to listen on pretty much every player on their roster other than Tomas Hertl.

That Sharks’ payroll and roster right now has a bunch of guys, led by the likes of Erik Karlsson, with full no-move clauses. It’s going to be difficult for Mike Grier to enact the kind of change that he wants, but that’s his intention over the next couple years.

Pierre LeBrun, TSN Insiders Trading

What players are the San Jose Sharks dangling to trade?

Timo Meier

Timo Meier could be the most sought after Shark. He was not re-signed this past summer which led to NHL rumors he could be traded. He is on an expiring contract but still a restricted free agent, so the Sharks own his rights.

It is believed Meier wants a contract similar to the one Tomas Hertl signed which has an $8.1million AVV. If the Sharks receive an offer they can’t refuse at some point this year, Meier will be traded.

Erik Karlsson

Erik Karlsson does own a no-move clause and has a mega Sharks salary cap hit of $11.5 million for another four years.

His contract is almost untradeable but if San Jose is willing to eat half of that salary, could that get a Stanley Cup contending team interested? Karlsson would most likely waive his no-trade for a shot at the Stanley Cup.

Logan Couture

Just like Karlsson, Logan Couture has a hefty $8 million AVV for the next 5 years and has a no-trade clause where he can submit a list of three teams he can be traded to.

His no-trade list is very small, but for a shot at the holy grail, Couture could expand his list by a few more teams. It is doubtful a team will take on a 33 year old’s $8 million/year contract that expires in the summer of 2027.

If the Sharks are willing to eat salary a trade could be made.

It will be an interesting year to watch the Sharks and see what players are dangled in the NHL rumors mill and if they eat salary to facilitate a trade.

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