Pavel Buchnevich, St. Louis Blues forward, targeted in Edmonton Oilers trade talks
Could Pavel Buchnevich be on the move? Latest NHL trade rumors suggest the Oilers are hot on his trail.

The NHL trade deadline is fast approaching, and the rumor mill is churning at full speed. One of the latest whispers making the rounds involves the St. Louis Blues and the Edmonton Oilers, who could be working towards a significant deal.

At the center of these trade rumors is Blues’ star forward Pavel Buchnevich. The Oilers have reportedly been scouting the Blues, and Jim Matheson of the Edmonton Journal believes Buchnevich could be the primary target. Matheson suggests the potential cost of acquiring Buchnevich could mirror last season’s deal that brought Mattias Ekholm to Edmonton – a first-round pick, a fourth-rounder, and a prospect.

Could the Oilers Land Pavel Buchnevich?

Philip Broberg, a young defenseman in the Oilers system, could be the prospect piece involved in a trade for Buchnevich. Broberg possesses great potential but has struggled to secure consistent ice time in Edmonton.

The Blues’ situation complicates matters. As of this writing, they remain in the hunt for a wild-card playoff spot. General manager Doug Armstrong might be hesitant to move one of his most productive forwards while the team remains competitive.

Will the Edmonton Oilers make a big splash and land a marquee forward like Pavel Buchnevich? Could the Oilers entice the Blues with a package headlined by a first-round pick and the promising Philip Broberg? The NHL trade deadline promises to be full of surprises, and this potential deal is one to keep a close eye on.

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  1. I’m afraid this is going to be another year of disappointment for the Oilers. They lack depth, decent defence and consistent goaltending.

  2. The Oilers better not waste McDavid’s prime, they need to go all in for it this year because time is undefeated McDavid(27), Draisaitl (28), Hyman (31), Kane (32), and Nugent-Hospkins (30) these boys aren’t getting anu younger. They need to trade for Buchnevich (28) 22g 24a for 46 points this year and it projected to be a 67 point player, all it would take is a no.1 in 2024, Philip Broberg and a 3rd round in 2025. Buchnevich is signed thru next year at 5.8m AAV. The Oilers should be playing for the western conference championship at this year so the no.1 would be no great than a 1st round 28th selection.


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