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Could Sheldon Keefe be on the move? 6 NHL teams are reportedly interested in the former Leafs coach. Get the latest trade buzz here.

The Sheldon Keefe era in Toronto may be over, but his NHL coaching career is far from finished. After a disappointing playoff exit, the Maple Leafs made the difficult decision to fire Keefe, putting one of the league’s most experienced young coaches on the market. It hasn’t taken long for rumors about his next landing spot to swirl.

According to Julian McKenzie of The Athletic, six teams could be in the running for Keefe’s services. Topping the list are the New Jersey Devils, with interest also reportedly coming from the Pittsburgh Penguins, Los Angeles Kings, Winnipeg Jets, Seattle Kraken, and San Jose Sharks.

Sheldon Keefe a Hot Commodity After Maple Leafs Dismissal

Keefe remains under contract with Toronto for another two years, adding extra intrigue to the situation. Any team interested in his services will need to first seek permission from the Maple Leafs to interview him. We’ll know who is seriously considering Keefe based on who puts in that formal request.

The Devils’ reported interest in interviewing Keefe is particularly noteworthy. New Jersey could be the ideal landing spot for Keefe to establish himself outside of Toronto.

Keefe’s possible move to Pittsburgh has been linked to former Leafs GM Kyle Dubas, who hired Keefe in Toronto. The “Sullivan-to-New Jersey” rumor has been circulating, but the Devils’ interest in Keefe could put an end to that speculation.

While there’s no guarantee Keefe will be coaching elsewhere next season, the groundwork is seemingly being laid for a potential move. The next few weeks will be very interesting as this situation unfolds.

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