Graphic representation of the proposed NHL trade between Ottawa Senators and Winnipeg Jets featuring players and draft picks
Explore the latest Senators and Jets trade rumor. Insights on Chychrun, Larsson, Kupari, Chisholm, and the draft picks involved in this NHL buzz.

The NHL trade rumor mill is abuzz with a potential blockbuster trade between the Ottawa Senators and the Winnipeg Jets.

The proposed trade would see the Senators sending Jakob Chychrun and Jacob Larsson to the Jets in exchange for Rasmus Kupari, Declan Chisholm, a 2024 fourth-round draft pick, and a 2025 first-round draft pick.

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Why This Trade Works

For the Winnipeg Jets, the need for a top-four defenseman is glaring, particularly on the right side. Jakob Chychrun, while a left-handed defenseman, has shown his versatility in playing on the right. His addition would significantly bolster the Jets’ top six, offering a substantial upgrade in their defensive capabilities. Chychrun’s offensive upside, coupled with his solid defensive play, makes him an attractive option for a team looking to strengthen its blue line.

The inclusion of Jacob Larsson in the deal further sweetens the pot. Larsson, a dependable defenseman, could offer depth and stability to the Jets’ defensive corps.

On the flip side, the Ottawa Senators would be acquiring a promising young forward in Rasmus Kupari and an emerging defenseman in Declan Chisholm. Kupari’s potential as a forward and Chisholm’s development curve could be beneficial for the Senators’ long-term plans. Moreover, the draft picks, especially the 2025 first-rounder, present Ottawa with an opportunity to stockpile future assets, crucial for a team in the midst of a rebuild or looking to deepen its prospect pool.

The Big Question

However, the trade raises a critical question for the Jets: Is it worth parting with a 2025 first-round draft pick for a player like Chychrun, who is only under contract for this season and the next? This is where the gamble lies. Chychrun’s contract situation could either be a boon or a bane for the Jets. If he performs exceptionally and helps propel the team to greater heights, the trade could be seen as a masterstroke. But, if he leaves in free agency after his contract expires, the Jets could potentially regret losing out on a valuable first-round pick.

This rumored trade between the Senators and the Jets is a fascinating one, with potential upsides and risks for both teams. It underscores the strategic thinking and risk assessment that goes into every trade decision in the NHL. As the NHL trade deadline approaches, it will be interesting to see if this rumor materializes into a reality and how it will reshape the fortunes of both the Ottawa Senators and the Winnipeg Jets.

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  1. This trade doesn’t make Ottawa better this year or in the next couple years and therefore makes no sense.

    They’d be dumb to trade him for a 3rd pair D, 4th line C, and a future low 1st round pick.

    Kupari has shown little sign of improvement in 4 seasons and has 1 point.

  2. I think the author needs to study the Jets roster closer. Jets already have 2 extra D on the roster and that is before Ville H comes off of IR soon who is waiver exempt but would have made the team. This would actually add to the D logjam.


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