concept design for an NHL hockey arena for the Arizona Coyotes
Scottsdale Mayor calls Coyotes arena plan "not feasible." Stay on top of the team's uncertain future with the latest news and updates.

Scottsdale Mayor David Ortega has made it clear – the Arizona Coyotes’ quest for a new arena will not find an ally in his city. The mayor has deemed the team’s proposed entertainment district in northeast Phoenix as “not feasible.”

This news is yet another blow for the Coyotes, who have faced a string of arena proposals rejected by local governments. First Glendale, then Tempe, and now Scottsdale – the team’s future in Arizona looks precarious as whispers of relocation grow louder.

The team’s current home, Mullet Arena, is a temporary solution, and the unsuitability of the Phoenix Suns’ arena for hockey leaves the team in a bind. Rumors swirl about potential landing spots for the franchise, including Salt Lake City, Houston, and Quebec City.

Where Will the Arizona Coyotes Land?

The Arizona Coyotes’ future is hanging in the balance. With their arena dreams dashed once again, the question on everyone’s mind is: Where will they go? The possibility of relocation outside Arizona threatens to break the hearts of the team’s loyal fanbase.

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