Anthony Duclair in San Jose Sharks uniform discussing strategy during a game
Latest insights on San Jose Sharks’ Anthony Duclair trade talks. Get up-to-date analysis on potential deals and impacts on the team.

Duclair’s Performance and Contract: Anthony Duclair is noted for his scoring abilities and leadership, making him a valuable asset for the San Jose Sharks. He has scored 6 goals in 22 games this season and is currently on a three-year contract worth $9 million. His recent performance, particularly during the Sharks’ East Coast road trip, has been notable with three goals and two assists in three games.

Trade Rumors and Potential: Duclair had a slow start to the season, partly due to strep throat that sidelined him for three games and caused significant weight loss. However, his recent hot streak has sparked discussions about his future with the Sharks. While there were earlier rumors about a potential contract extension with the Sharks, his recent performance has made him a prime candidate for trade. Notably, hockey insider Elliotte Friedman mentioned on his podcast that Duclair would be an easy player to move due to his proven usefulness.

Rebuild Strategy and Trade Value: The Sharks are in a rebuilding phase, and Duclair, being in the final year of his contract, is seen as a potential trade asset. As a pending free agent, there is speculation that the Sharks could receive a second or third-round pick or a mid-level prospect in exchange for Duclair at the NHL trade deadline .

Locker Room Influence: Despite the NHL trade rumors, Duclair has emerged as a significant presence in the Sharks’ locker room, potentially influencing the team’s decision on whether to trade him. His role both on and off the ice is recognized as valuable, suggesting that the Sharks might be hesitant to trade him unless the offer is particularly appealing .

Anthony Duclair’s recent performance has increased his value as a trade asset for the San Jose Sharks, who are currently in a rebuilding phase. While there is potential for him to be traded, his influence within the team might also play a role in any decision-making regarding his future with the Sharks.

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