NHL trade rumors for the Arizona Coyotes with the words Trade and Rumor showing on an NHL scoreboard
Could the Salt Lake City Coyotes be aggressive buyers this summer? We examine the latest NHL trade rumors.

NHL insider Elliotte Friedman dropped a tantalizing rumor during his “32 Thoughts: The Podcast”– the Arizona Coyotes, should they relocate to Salt Lake City, might become surprise contenders through aggressive spending this summer.

The NHL is reportedly deep in negotiations with current Coyotes owner Anthony Meruelo and Utah Jazz owner Ryan Smith over a potential relocation of the franchise. If a move happens, Friedman believes Smith is unlikely to run a team “playing with one hand tied behind its back”.

Could the Salt Lake Coyotes become a surprise spender this offseason?

The Coyotes would have the financial runway to make a splash. They currently project an ample $41.2 million in cap space for 2024-25 with only 13 active roster players contracted. This gives them abundant flexibility to chase big names in free agency or make blockbuster trades. Plus, the Coyotes boast a strong prospect pipeline and lots of draft picks, perfect as trade sweeteners.

Could the Salt Lake City Coyotes shock the hockey world with some high-profile moves designed to put them on the map? This summer could get very interesting.

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