Nazem Kadri, Calgary Flames, NHL trade to Buffalo Sabres
Could Nazem Kadri be headed to Buffalo? We break down a potential blockbuster NHL trade rumor.

The NHL trade rumor mill is abuzz with a potential blockbuster between the Buffalo Sabres and Calgary Flames. Could we see Nazem Kadri donning a Sabres jersey next season?

The speculation involves the Sabres sending their 2024 first-round pick to Calgary in exchange for Kadri and the Flames’ own 2024 first-round selection, originally belonging to the Vancouver Canucks. Let’s break down why this deal might make sense for both teams.

Sabres Eyes on Kadri: Trade Potential

Why the Sabres Do It

The Buffalo Sabres are a team on the rise. They possess a stacked young core, but they desperately need to add experienced, playoff-tested talent to the mix. After years of rebuilding, simply stockpiling more draft picks isn’t the answer.

Kadri delivers a winning pedigree, Stanley Cup experience, and offensive production – exactly what the Sabres lack. He would step in perfectly to replace Casey Mittelstadt and provide a veteran presence the Sabres desperately need, both in the locker room and on the ice.

Why the Flames Make This Move

The Calgary Flames face a potential retooling period. Kadri is a valuable asset on a long-term contract, and this trade nets them a potentially higher first-round selection in a draft considered strong. Moving Kadri’s salary also frees up crucial cap space as they look toward reshaping their roster

The Buzz is Real. Could it Happen?

While this remains a rumor for now, the logic behind it is sound. Kadri could be the impact player Buffalo needs to finally break through as playoff contenders, and Calgary gets to improve their draft position and build for the future.

Where to Find More NHL Trade Rumors

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  1. They can get Tij through another teade- Markstrome to Devils. 3 high 1st round picks would be great for future and it seems they go for rebuild anyway.

  2. Buffalo is ahead of Calgary in the standings. Calgary is not going swap picks to pick later. And you think they should give them Kadri too?

    • They said the pick originally belonging to Vancouver that calgary has so this proposed trade does improve the flames draft position but I’m still not convinced it’s enough for Kadri


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