Sidney Crosby skates the puck in a Pittsburgh Penguins jersey
Could this be the end for Sid the Kid in Pittsburgh? The latest NHL trade rumors suggest Crosby could be on the move.

The Pittsburgh Penguins have been a model of NHL consistency for nearly two decades, with Sidney Crosby as their cornerstone. But according to a recent report from Larry Brooks of the New York Post, there is some concern that Crosby’s incredible tenure in Pittsburgh may be coming to an end.

Brooks notes that next season would mark Crosby’s 20th with the Penguins. He points to superstars like Martin Brodeur and Mike Modano, who switched teams late in their careers after two decades with their original franchises. If Crosby has a similar change of heart, Brooks suggests he’ll inform Penguins GM Kyle Dubas after this season, allowing for a potential blockbuster summer trade.

Is Sidney Crosby’s Time in Pittsburgh Coming to an End?

Possible destinations for Crosby, should a trade occur, could be contenders with room to accommodate his cap hit. Teams like the Colorado Avalanche, Tampa Bay Lightning, and Vegas Golden Knights would make sense.

However, most insiders still believe the 36-year-old captain will re-sign with Pittsburgh early this summer. This would enable Dubas to focus on a much-needed roster retooling around Crosby.

Is a change of scenery truly in the cards for Sidney Crosby, or will he remain a Penguin for life? This is the question that will dominate Penguins headlines in the coming months.

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