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Could Kyle Dubas bring Nick Robertson to Pittsburgh? NHL trade rumors heat up as the Penguins show interest in the young Leafs forward.

In the ever-evolving world of NHL trade rumors, a familiar name has surfaced as a potential target for the Pittsburgh Penguins: Toronto Maple Leafs forward Nick Robertson.

The 22-year-old winger, who was drafted by Penguins general manager Kyle Dubas during his tenure in Toronto, has been a subject of speculation as the Penguins look to bolster their offensive depth.

Penguins Rumors: Dubas Looks to Reunite with Former Leafs Prospect Nick Robertson

Robertson’s path to the NHL has been marked by both promise and frustration. A highly touted prospect, he has struggled to secure a full-time roster spot with the Leafs, often finding himself bouncing between the NHL and AHL. However, his talent and potential are undeniable. Robertson possesses a dynamic skill set, capable of both creating scoring opportunities for his teammates and finding the back of the net himself.

This past season, Robertson finally cracked the NHL lineup, appearing in 56 games for the Leafs. He tallied 14 goals and 27 points, showcasing his offensive prowess. However, his frustration over being sent down to the AHL after the trade deadline due to roster overcrowding made headlines, fueling speculation about his future in Toronto.

The Penguins, under the guidance of Dubas, have shown a willingness to take chances on young players with upside. Robertson fits that mold perfectly. His familiarity with Dubas’ system and style of play could make for a seamless transition to Pittsburgh. Additionally, the Penguins’ need for scoring depth on the wings aligns with Robertson’s strengths.

According to NHL trade rumors, the Leafs are reportedly seeking a second-round pick in exchange for Robertson. This asking price could be a sticking point for the Penguins, who may be reluctant to part with a valuable draft asset. However, the potential reward of acquiring a young, skilled forward with untapped potential could outweigh the cost.

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