Patrick Kane wearing a Detroit Red Wings jersey
Will Patrick Kane stay with the Red Wings or chase a Cup? Get the latest trade rumors and analysis.

Patrick Kane’s remarkable resurgence with the Detroit Red Wings is sparking plenty of buzz as the summer’s free agency period approaches.

The 35-year-old future Hall-of-Famer looks revitalized after undergoing hip surgery, notching 20 goals for the 16th time in his illustrious career. Could a return to Detroit be in the cards next season, or will Kane take his talents to a Stanley Cup contender?

Kane has expressed happiness with the Red Wings organization, but as a seasoned veteran, the allure of adding another championship ring is undeniable. While the Red Wings are a rising team, a true contender might prove too tempting to resist.

Where will Patrick Kane play next season?

Red Wings GM Steve Yzerman likely wants Kane back in the fold, but the salary cap could be a significant obstacle. Kane’s resurgence will command top dollar on the market, and if the Red Wings are unwilling to break the bank, Kane will have plenty of choices.

The outcome is unpredictable. However, it seems certain that Patrick Kane’s next contract will be a significant focus point this offseason. Will it be with a Detroit team on the rise, or with a star-studded Stanley Cup contender? Only time will tell.

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