Picture of Jason Spezza shooting a puck. Will he be the Ottawa Senators next GM?
Discover updates on the Ottawa Senators' GM search. Dive into rumors, potential candidates, and insights that could shape the team's future.

The Ottawa Senators are on the lookout for a new General Manager (GM) to steer their ship in the right direction.

The NHL trade rumor mill has been abuzz with potential candidates who could take up this role.

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John Ferguson: A Veteran Contender in the Ottawa Senators GM Search

NHL Insider Elliotte Friedman has recently shared his insights on the ongoing Ottawa Senators General Managers search. According to Friedman, a seasoned personality like John Ferguson, the former Toronto Maple Leafs GM, could be a front-runner for the position. Ferguson’s experience in managing a team and his keen understanding of the sport certainly make him a strong contender.

“John Ferguson would be a very good candidate because he’s been a manager before. Just get in that organization and help them out,” Friedman was quoted saying. This statement underscores the need for the Senators to bring on board someone with a proven track record, capable of revitalizing the team.

Jason Spezza: Exploring a Future GM Role with Ottawa Senators

Friedman also hinted at the possibility of Jason Spezza being lured back to Ottawa during his 32 Thoughts Podcast. “Spezza is going to be a GM in this league one day. I think the question is when does he want to do it & is it okay for his family, but he’s going to be a GM in this league one day if he wants to be,” he stated.

The Ottawa Senators have seen their share of ups and downs, and the search for a new GM has the potential to shape the team’s future trajectory. Having a seasoned and competent GM can indeed play a pivotal role in the Senators’ pursuit of glory.

Several names are being floated around, but the NHL rumors surrounding Ferguson’s and Spezza’s potential candidacies stand out. It’s a wait-and-watch situation as the Senators navigate through this crucial decision-making process. Fans are eagerly waiting to see who will take the helm and lead the Senators to a promising future.

What are Sens fans saying about the Ottawa Senators GM Search?

Sens fan here: Hard pass for me on Spezza. No competitive fire. Nice dude though.

Spezza wasn’t able to handle the pressure as the captain… lol can you imagine as the GM?

Fergeson is useless. He ruined the Leafs 15 years ago. Patrick Roy would be a great hire.

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