Hockey Wallpaper – Hockey Backgrounds

Find free high resolution hockey wallpaper for your desktop, iPhone, iPad and Android phones.

We have a wide variety of cool hockey backgrounds for you to download.

All NHL Wallpaper is 1920×1200 resolution or higher.

How to add hockey wallpaper to your desktop computer

Click the cool hockey wallpapers below and right click to set as your background on desktop.

How to add hockey backgrounds to your iPhone

  1. Download the hockey backgrounds to your mobile device.
  2. Open Settings on your iPhone. Open Settings, tap Wallpaper, then tap Choose a New Hockey Wallpaper.
  3. Choose an image. Choose an image from Dynamic, Stills, Live, or one of your hockey photos.
  4. Move the image and choose a display option.
  5. Set the NHL wallpaper and choose where you want it to show up.

How to add hockey wallpaper to your Android Device

  1. Download the hockey backgrounds you want on your android device.
  2. Open up your phone’s Gallery app.
  3. Find the photo you want to use and open it.
  4. Tap the three dots in the top-right and select “Set as your NHL wallpaper.”
  5. You’ll be given the choice between using this photo as wallpaper for your home screen, lock screen, or both.

NHL Wallpaper iPhone | Hockey Wallpaper Mobile

NHL Wallpaper Desktop | Hockey Backgrounds Laptop

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