Your Guide to the Minnesota Wild TV Schedule

As a true hockey devotee, staying glued to the Minnesota Wild’s electrifying gameplay is paramount. But with a jam-packed season, deciphering the Wild’s TV schedule can sometimes feel like navigating a frozen lake blindfolded. Fear not, fellow Wild fan! This comprehensive guide unveils all the secrets to catching every slap shot, dazzling save, and epic goal celebration.

What Time is the Wild Game Tonight? What Channel is the Wild Game on Today?

Let’s answer the burning questions first. Tonight’s Wild game can be found in the table below. In most games, the puck drops on Bally Sports North, so grab your jersey and settle in for an evening of hockey magic.

Beyond Tonight: Unraveling the Wild’s Regular Season TV Schedule

Planning ahead is key for any dedicated fan. Luckily, the Wild’s regular season schedule features a mix of familiar channels like Bally Sports North, ESPN+, and NHL on TNT. Keep an eye out for exclusive broadcasts on ESPN+, and remember, out-of-market games are accessible through NHL Power Play on the same platform.

Streaming the Wild: Your Digital Rinkside Pass

In today’s digital age, cord-cutting doesn’t mean sacrificing your Wild fix. ESPN+ emerges as your champion, offering select Wild games throughout the season. Additionally, live TV streaming services like Hulu + Live TV, Sling TV, and YouTube TV often include Bally Sports North in their packages, granting you access to most Wild games.

Is the Wild Game on the Radio? Tune In for Play-by-Play Thrills

Craving the excitement of the game even when you can’t watch? The Wild’s radio broadcasts are your answer! Tune in to KFAN 100.3 FM or the iHeartRadio app to hear expert commentary and heart-pounding play-by-play action.

Preseason, Playoffs, and Beyond: Your Complete Wild Viewing Guide

This guide wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the Wild’s preseason and playoff schedules. Preseason games are typically broadcasted on local channels or streamed online, while playoff games often air on national networks like NBC Sports and ESPN. Stay tuned to the Wild’s official website for detailed information as the season progresses.

Stay Ahead of the Game: Wild Rumors, Salary Cap, and Fantasy Insights

Your hockey fandom doesn’t end with the final buzzer. Visit our website regularly for the latest Wild trade rumors, salary cap analysis, and expert fantasy hockey predictions. Plus, explore our comprehensive TV listings to discover all the NHL games happening today, ensuring you never miss a puck drop across the league.

So, lace up your virtual skates, grab your favorite Wild gear, and prepare to cheer on your team with this ultimate TV schedule guide by your side. Let’s go Wild!

Lock in Your Hockey Nights: Where to Watch the Minnesota Wild Today & All Season Long

DateWild Game TodayTime ETTV Station
Sun, 9/24at Colorado3:00pmESPN+
Tue, 9,26at Dallas8:00pm
Thu, 9/28Colorado8:00pm
Sat, 9/30Chicago7:00pmESPN+/BSNX
Thu, 10/5at Chicago8:30pmESPN+
Sat, 10/7Dallas6:00pm
Regular Season
10/12/2023 Florida Panthers8:00 PMBSN
10/14/2023@ Toronto Maple Leafs7:00 PMBSN
10/17/2023@ Montreal Canadiens7:00 PMBSN
10/19/2023 Los Angeles Kings8:00 PMBSN
10/21/2023 Columbus Blue Jackets8:00 PMBSN
10/24/2023 Edmonton Oilers9:00 PMNHLPP|ESPN+
10/26/2023@ Philadelphia Flyers7:00 PMESPN+/hulu
10/27/2023@ Washington Capitals7:00 PMBSN
10/29/2023@ New Jersey Devils5:00 PMBSN
11/2/2023 New Jersey Devils8:00 PMBSN
11/4/2023 New York Rangers8:00 PMBSNX
11/7/2023@ New York Islanders7:30 PMBSN
11/9/2023@ New York Rangers7:00 PMBSNX
11/10/2023@ Buffalo Sabres7:00 PMBSN
11/12/2023 Dallas Stars6:00 PMBSN
11/18/2023@ Ottawa Senators11:00 AMBSN
11/19/2023 Toronto Maple Leafs8:00 AMBSN
11/24/2023 Colorado Avalanche8:30 PMTNT
11/26/2023@ Detroit Red Wings1:00 PMBSN
11/28/2023 St. Louis Blues8:00 PMBSN
11/30/2023@ Nashville Predators8:00 PMBSNX
12/3/2023 Chicago Blackhawks2:00 PMBSN
12/5/2023@ Calgary Flames9:00 PMBSN
12/7/2023@ Vancouver Canucks10:00 PMBSN
12/8/2023@ Edmonton Oilers9:00 PMBSN
12/10/2023@ Seattle Kraken9:00 PMBSN
12/14/2023 Calgary Flames8:00 PMBSN
12/16/2023 Vancouver Canucks2:00 PMBSN
12/18/2023@ Pittsburgh Penguins7:00 PMBSN
12/19/2023@ Boston Bruins7:00 PMBSN
12/21/2023 Montreal Canadiens8:00 PMBSNX
12/23/2023 Boston Bruins7:00 PMBSN
12/27/2023 Detroit Red Wings8:00 PMBSN
12/30/2023@ Winnipeg Jets3:00 PMBSN
12/31/2023 Winnipeg Jets2:00 PMBSN
1/2/2024 Calgary Flames8:00 PMBSN
1/4/2024 Tampa Bay Lightning8:00 PMBSN
1/6/2024@ Columbus Blue Jackets7:00 PMBSN
1/8/2024 Dallas Stars8:00 PMBSN
1/10/2024@ Dallas Stars7:30 PMTNT
1/12/2024 Philadelphia Flyers8:00 PMBSNX
1/13/2024 Arizona Coyotes8:00 PMBSN
1/15/2024 New York Islanders6:00 PMBSN
1/18/2024@ Tampa Bay Lightning7:00 PMESPN+/hulu
1/19/2024@ Florida Panthers7:00 PMBSN
1/21/2024@ Carolina Hurricanes5:00 PMBSN
1/23/2024 Washington Capitals8:00 PMBSN
1/25/2024 Nashville Predators8:00 PMBSN
1/27/2024 Anaheim Ducks9:00 PMBSN
2/7/2024@ Chicago Blackhawks9:30 PMTNT
2/9/2024 Pittsburgh Penguins8:00 PMBSN
2/12/2024@ Vegas Golden Knights10:00 PMBSN
2/14/2024@ Arizona Coyotes9:30 PMBSN
2/17/2024 Buffalo Sabres5:00 PMBSN
2/19/2024 Vancouver Canucks2:00 PMBSN
2/20/2024@ Winnipeg Jets8:00 PMBSN
2/23/2024@ Edmonton Oilers9:00 PMBSNX
2/24/2024@ Seattle Kraken10:00 PMBSN
2/27/2024 Carolina Hurricanes8:00 PMBSNX
2/29/2024@ Nashville Predators8:00 PMBSN
3/2/2024@ St. Louis Blues8:00 PMABC/ESPN+
3/3/2024 San Jose Sharks7:00 PMBSN
3/7/2024@ Arizona Coyotes9:00 PMBSNX
3/8/2024@ Colorado Avalanche9:00 PMBSN
3/10/2024 Nashville Predators3:30 PMTNT
3/12/2024 Arizona Coyotes8:00 PMBSN
3/14/2024 Anaheim Ducks8:00 PMBSN
3/16/2024@ St. Louis Blues8:00 PMBSN
3/19/2024@ Anaheim Ducks10:00 PMESPN+/hulu
3/20/2024@ Los Angeles Kings10:00 PMTNT
3/23/2024 St. Louis Blues3:00 PMBSN
3/28/2024 San Jose Sharks8:00 PMESPN
3/30/2024 Vegas Golden Knights3:00 PMESPN
4/2/2024 Ottawa Senators8:00 PMBSN
4/4/2024 Colorado Avalanche8:00 PMBSN
4/6/2024 Winnipeg Jets4:00 PMBSN
4/7/2024@ Chicago Blackhawks3:30 PMBSN
4/9/2024@ Colorado Avalanche9:30 PMESPN
4/12/2024@ Vegas Golden Knights10:00 PMBSNX
4/13/2024@ San Jose Sharks10:30 PMBSN
4/15/2024@ Los Angeles Kings9:30 PMESPN
4/18/2024 Seattle Kraken7:00 PMESPN


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