Max Pacioretty NHL Trade Rumors September 5, 2018
Montreal will look to trade Max Pacioretty before the start of the NHL season

Latest Max Pacioretty trade rumors

Le Journal de Montreal: GM Marc Bergevin could be short of solutions if he does not trade Max Pacioretty before Oct. 3, the date of his team’s inaugural game in Toronto.

Marc de Foy reports that the Pacioretty camp will not negotiate during the season. The information should be disclosed soon. This make the only option to trade Pacioretty at the 2019 NHL trade deadline. Neither the Canadiens nor Pacioretty would have an interest in things going there. Although he says he wants to continue his career in Montreal, Pacioretty knows his days in Montreal are over.

Max Pacioretty, 29, has had several seasons with more than 30 goals, but has never collected more than 67 points in a season. His last season saw his performance drop to 37 points, including 17 goals, in 64 games.

His status in Montreal is precarious, but his value seems to be clearer. With the signing of the Blake Wheeler contract, we have a clearer idea: Pacioretty is not worth $8.2 Wheeler received or even $8 million per season.

On the other hand, he can expect at least $ 7 million a season, as Evander Kane just received with the San Jose Sharks. Kane is only 26, but has scored 30 career goals once. He nevertheless touched this plateau last year (29 goals) and the previous season (28 goals). And he plays much more robustly than Pacioretty.

If Max Pacioretty dreamed of $8 or even $9 million per season, the signing of Wheeler’s contract is not very good news.

Matt Duchene would like to stay long-term with the Ottawa Senators

The ScoreMatt Duchene isn’t rejecting the possibility of signing a long-term deal with the Ottawa Senators.

With one season left on his contract, the forward is eligible to sign an extension at any point, and while he and general manager Pierre Dorion haven’t begun negotiations, the 27-year-old is open to committing to the nation’s capital.

“I’d love for it to work,” Duchene told “(Ontario) is my home province, three hours from home, Canadian city. Would be awesome if things could work out for sure.”


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