Bobby Ryan NHL Trade Rumors September 19, 2018
What will the Ottawa Senators do with Bobby Ryan? Trade Him? Keep Him?

What will the Ottawa Senators do with Bobby Ryan?

The Score: Bobby Ryan needed to get away from the NHL Trade Rumor mill and spent his summer in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho to recharge and relax.

“Honest to God, I wanted to throw a dart at the map and be off the grid as much as I could. Somewhere remote so nobody wanted to visit,” Ryan told Sportsnet’s Luke Fox. “There’s no people. I need(ed) to get away from hockey for a couple months. I need(ed) to recharge.”

Ryan’s name was thrown around throughout the offseason as a possible addition to a potential Erik Karlsson trade.

Ryan has returned to the Senators for training camp and is ready to start anew after a 2017-18 campaign in which he tallied just 33 points.

There will be plenty of opportunity for Ryan, as the Senators usher in a new era with coach Guy Boucher readying a more offensive game.

“I’m really encouraged. I had a couple meetings with coach, and he showed me what’s going to change, where we’re going from here,” Ryan said. “It’s stuff I think our team will relate to and get. It’s going to be very simple and it’s going to work.”

It looks as though the Senators plan to hold onto Ryan and not trade him, or hope he has a great first half of a season, have his value go up, and trade him at the 2019 NHL trade deadline.


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