William Nylander NHL Trade Rumors October 5, 2018
Will the Toronto Maple Leafs trade William Nylander, maybe for that young top 4 defenceman they have been seeking?

Will the Toronto Maple Leafs trade William Nylander?

TSN Radio: Darren Dreger was on the radio and suggested that the Toronto Maple Leafs should look at trading William Nylander if he is not signed by November 1, 2018. If Nylander is not signed by December 1, Nylander will not be allowed to play in the NHL this year. 

Dreger believes Nylander is still asking for $8.5 million/year. If that is Nylanders asking price, that could make trading Nylander tough as other teams will likely not be able to add that type of salary to their own salary cap.

Dreger also noted teams have called the Leafs to inquire about his availability. General manager Kyle Dubas insists Nylander won’t be traded but Dreger wonders if he might reconsider.

You have to wonder if the Leafs will look at a Jacob Trouba or Matt Dumba and see if they can work out a trade?

Dmitrij Jaskin requested trade, but no takers

St. Louis Post-Dispatch: At the end of last year, Dmitrij Jaskin asked if it was possible for a trade, general manager Doug Armstrong said. “He felt his career was stagnating. And I understood that.”

“So at the draft I informed all the teams that he was looking for a new opportunity. That didn’t transpire. At training camp, I reconfirmed with all the (general) managers that he was looking for a different opportunity, and I didn’t get any calls. Jaskin was put on waivers.

After the suspension of Washington Capitals forward Tom Wilson, the Capitals claimed Jaskin off waivers. 



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