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NHL trade rumors are swirling around Carolina Hurricanes' Martin Necas. Will the Devils or Flames land this high-scoring winger?

The NHL offseason is just heating up, and the NHL trade rumor mill is already churning. According to insider Elliotte Friedman, the Carolina Hurricanes may be looking to move forward Martin Necas this summer. As Necas heads into restricted free agency, contract negotiations seem to have hit a snag, opening the door for a potential trade.

Why Necas is a Hot Commodity

Necas, at 25, has proven to be a dynamic offensive force. With his speed, skill, and scoring touch, he’s an attractive asset for any team looking to bolster their top-six forward group. Both the New Jersey Devils and the Calgary Flames fit this bill perfectly.

The Devils, a young team on the rise, need a consistent scorer to complement their existing talent. Necas could be the missing piece that elevates their offense to the next level.

Similarly, the Flames are in the midst of retooling their roster. Adding a player of Necas’ caliber would inject much-needed firepower into their lineup.

The Price of Talent: Salary Cap Concerns

While both teams have strong motives for pursuing Necas, the financial aspect of the deal presents a challenge. Necas’ next contract is projected to command a significant cap hit, potentially exceeding $7 million annually. This could strain the salary cap flexibility of both the Devils and the Flames.

Negotiating a fair deal that satisfies all parties involved will be a crucial step in facilitating a trade.

The Road Ahead: What’s Next?

As we enter the offseason, expect the Necas trade rumors to intensify. The Hurricanes will likely explore all options to maximize their return, while the Devils and Flames will carefully weigh the risks and rewards of acquiring this talented winger.

The NHL draft and free agency period will also play a role in shaping the trade landscape. The availability of other players and the financial decisions made by teams could influence the direction of negotiations.

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