LA Kings and Montreal Canadiens logos with NHL trade rumor headline, showcasing potential player and draft pick exchange
Explore the latest NHL trade rumors: LA Kings and Montreal Canadiens discuss swapping Jake Allen and David Rittich. Get insights on this potential game-changing trade.

A significant trade buzz is surrounding the Los Angeles Kings and the Montreal Canadiens. NHL rumors hint at a potential trade that could reshape the strategies of both teams.

The proposed trade involves the Los Angeles Kings trading goalie David Rittich, a 2025 second-round draft pick, and a 2026 fourth-round draft pick to the Montreal Canadiens for goalie Jake Allen.

Breaking Down the Potential LA Kings and Montreal Canadiens Trade Deal

The Los Angeles Kings, with Cam Talbot firmly positioned as their starting goaltender, are in dire need of solid support in the crease. David Rittich, while a competent goalie, hasn’t quite delivered the expected backup performance. Bringing in Jake Allen could significantly bolster the Kings’ goalie depth. Allen’s experience and reliability would provide the Kings with a stronger safety net, especially considering the high-stress playoff scenarios.

Additionally, the current market dynamics make this move particularly astute. With a limited supply of quality goalies and an ever-increasing demand, securing a player of Allen’s caliber could be a masterstroke for the Kings. His contract also aligns well with the Kings’ financial structure, offering aid both this season and the next.

On the other side, the Montreal Canadiens’ strategy of accumulating draft assets aligns perfectly with this proposed trade. By acquiring additional picks, the Canadiens continue to lay the groundwork for a robust development pipeline or potentially use these assets to acquire NHL-ready talent in future trades. In the long term, this strategy could pay significant dividends, allowing Montreal to rebuild and reshape its roster effectively.

The departure of Jake Allen, while significant, aligns with the Canadiens’ current trajectory of investing in future talent and restructuring their team dynamic. The draft picks obtained in this trade would be crucial in facilitating this ongoing process.

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