Sonny Milano, Evan Rodrigues, Johan Larsson
NHL trade rumors for August 14, 2022 feature the Winnipeg Jets. They could have interest in Sonny Milano, Evan Rodrigues or Johan Larsson.

The Winnipeg Jets are looking to finish filling up their roster for the 2022-23 season and are seeking to add a 3rd line forward who can play a top six role when injuries happen throughout the year.

Jets management will likely sign an unrestricted free agent rather than go the trade route.

3 Third line forwards the Winnipeg Jets could target via free agency

Sonny Milano

Sonny Milano is a great option for the Winnipeg Jets. He played in Anaheim last year and was a versatile forward on the second and third line for the Anaheim Ducks.

He had a decent year putting up 34 points ( 14g, 23a ) in 66 games played. Signing Milano, 26, to a one-year show me what you can do contract will likely cost the Jets $2 million.

Evan Rodrigues

Evan Rodrigues is option B for the Jets. He is a solid third line player and will provide some offensive output on a teams second unit power play.

Rodrigues, 29, had a great year with the Pittsburgh Penguins putting up 43 points ( 19g, 24a ) in 82 games played with the Pens.

The cost to re-sign Rodrigues was a little too much for Penguins management, so they let him walk. Rodrigues is likely looking for a contract worth $3 million per year.

Johan Larsson

Johan Larsson is option C for the Jets. He started the season in Arizona before being traded to the Washington Capitals at the NHL trade deadline. He is another versatile forward that can be a second to fourth line player.

Larsson, 30, had solid production with 21 points ( 7g, 14a ) in 43 games played between the Coyotes and the Capitals.

The cost to sign Larsson is affordable at a salary around $2 million / year. Maybe a little less if he is signed long-term by the Jets.

Overall there are some great options for the Jets to fill the roster via free agency. Who knows they may even bring back Paul Stastny if they can’t find the right fit in option A,B, or C above.



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