NHL logo with text overlay: 2024 Stanley Cup Playoffs Start Date Changed
NHL moves 2024 playoff start to Saturday, April 20th! Get the latest matchups and analysis on this exciting schedule change.

The NHL has shaken up the 2024 Stanley Cup Playoffs, moving the start date from Monday, April 22nd, to Saturday, April 20th. This change promises an even more exciting postseason in an already nail-bitingly close season.

With seven teams battling it out for the President’s trophy, this year’s playoffs are stacking up to be wildly unpredictable. Here’s what the first-round matchups look like as of today:

Eastern Conference

  • (A1) Boston Bruins vs (WC1) Tampa Bay Lightning
  • (A2) Florida Panthers vs (A3) Toronto Maple Leafs
  • (M1) New York Rangers vs (WC2) Philadelphia Flyers
  • (M2) Carolina Hurricanes vs (M3) Washington Capitals

Western Conference

  • (P1) Vancouver Canucks vs (WC2) Nashville Predators
  • (P2) Edmonton Oilers vs (P3) Vegas Golden Knights
  • (C1) Dallas Stars vs (WC1) LA Kings
  • (C2) Colorado Avalanche vs (C3) Winnipeg Jets

The decision to start the playoffs on Saturday night will likely boost viewership significantly in Canada and the United Stated. With more fans available to tune in on weekends, this could be a huge ratings win for the NHL, especially for Sportsnet, ABC, TNT, TBS, and ESPN.

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