Read about NHL players ready for a breakout season. Will Dawson Mercer, Alexis Lafreniere or Alex Newhook have a breakout season?
Read about NHL players ready for a breakout season. Will Dawson Mercer, Alexis Lafreniere or Alex Newhook have a breakout season?

The conclusion of the 2022-23 regular season has ushered in anticipation for what the 2023-24 NHL season holds. A major point of interest is the prediction of breakout players. While proven scorers have their allure, there’s a unique thrill in spotting potential breakout stars. Many Bitcoin sportsbook platforms like here, offer odds on who will have the breakout season this year, and fans can bet on this.

Cody Glass 

Glass has shown significant promise with 146 career games under his belt and a career-best 35 points (14g, 21a) last season. Despite worries that his career would be prematurely halted, his performance in the 2022-23 season with the Predators, where he stepped up in response to trade rumors and injuries, speaks volumes about his potential.

Seth Jarvis

Jarvis has played 150 career games and had his best season as a rookie. Throughout his 2-season career, he has played in 150 games and accumulated 79 points. He has also scored 18 playoff points in 29 games. Despite a promising rookie season, Jarvis has faced challenges given the firepower his team already possesses, which could be a double-edged sword for his breakout prospects.

Arthur Kaliyev

In his 3-season career, Kaliyev has played in 137 games and accumulated 56 points, suggesting he’s ripe for a breakout. While putting up 0 points in 9 playoff games, his skill-centric style of play and impressive shots-on-goal rate indicate he’s one to watch.

Alexis Lafreniere

A lot was expected of Lafreniere for being a #1 overall draft pick. Throughout his 3-season career, he has played in 216 games and accumulated 91 points. He has also scored 9 playoff points in 27 games. He’s yet to harness his full potential. Top picks like him often find their groove by now, and the next season might be his last best chance to do so.

Dawson Mercer

With 164 games under his belt and 98 points accumulated in his career. Mercer is poised for a breakout season. Mercer’s latter half of the last season was promising, especially when he paired with Hischier or Hughes. A potential entry into the coveted powerplay time might set him up for stardom.

Alex Newhook

Newhook’s 66 points in 159 games played show promise. As integral parts of Montreal’s forward plans, the upcoming season might present a golden opportunity, especially with certain player shifts.

Yegor Sharangovich

Throughout his 3-season career, he has played in 205 games and accumulated 106 points. He has also scored 0 playoff points in 3 games. But after an underwhelming last season and limited powerplay opportunities, his trajectory seems uncertain, though not without potential. His new team in Calgary should provide him with ample scoring opportunities.

Eeli Tolvanen

Following a move to Seattle, Tolvanen, who has played 183 games and put up 78 points, seems to have found his footing. The balanced ice time by the Kraken might limit his breakout season, but a consistent performance must be considered.

Gabriel Vilardi

With 152 games under his belt and 78 career points, Vilardi’s last season has positioned him for a potential top-six role in the next season. With the recent trade to the Jets, the change of scenery might be the best thing that has happened to Vilardi.

Final Thoughts

As we transition from the 2022-23 season, the anticipation for 2023-24 is undeniable. Each player listed holds promise, but as with all sports, there are no certainties. These potential NHL breakout players have displayed talent and tenacity, and the upcoming season may be their time to shine. For fans and followers, it’s a season not to be missed. 


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