Andrei Kuzmenko
The Vancouver Canucks have signed Andrei Kuzmenko to a one-year contract worth $925,000. He will be a UFA at the end of the season.

The Vancouver Canucks have won the Andrei Kuzmenko sweepstakes. They were among four finalists the KHL free agent visited last week.

There was a lot of interest in the Russian forward. He will be highly motivated to prove his game can translate to the NHL style of play.

Here’s what a NHL scout told me about Kuzmenko earlier this year: “Big, strong on the puck and can protect low. Not a lot of pace to his game … more half-ice player than a rush guy. He might be able to get some chemistry with higher-skilled guys.”

TSN NHL Insider, Chris Johnston

Kuzmenko, 26, has a Canucks salary cap hit of $925,000 but his AVV is $1,775,000. He will be an unrestricted free agent at the end of the 2022-23 season.

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