Boston Bruins Charlie McAvoy suspension upheld by NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman for illegal check.
Commissioner Bettman upholds McAvoy's 4-game suspension for an illegal check, emphasizing NHL's commitment to player safety. Details on the ruling and reactions.

In a decisive move, NHL Insider Frank Seravalli broke the news that NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman has upheld the four-game suspension of Boston Bruins defenseman Charlie McAvoy. This decision comes after McAvoy’s appeal against the suspension for his illegal check to the head of Florida Panthers defenseman Oliver Ekman-Larsson during a game on October 30. The ruling reaffirms the NHL’s commitment to player safety and the enforcement of rules against dangerous plays.

The incident, which took place at 9:24 of the third period, saw McAvoy receiving a match penalty for his actions. His suspension, initially assessed on October 31, was appealed, leading to a hearing with Commissioner Bettman on November 7. However, Bettman’s decision to uphold the suspension reflects the league’s stringent approach toward actions that compromise the safety of players.

How much money did Charlie McAvoy forfeit from his suspension?

As a result of the suspension, McAvoy will miss four games without pay. This translates to a forfeiture of $197,916.68 from his average annual salary, a sum that will be contributed to the Players’ Emergency Assistance Fund. McAvoy’s absence is a significant blow to the Bruins’ defense, as he is a crucial player for the team. His return is anticipated on November 11 in a game against Montreal.

The response to McAvoy’s suspension has been polarized. Some agree that the punishment is justified, considering the nature of the offense and the league’s emphasis on protecting players. Others, however, feel that the suspension is overly harsh. What remains clear is that the NHL is unyielding in its stance on player safety, sending a strong message that dangerous plays will not be tolerated.

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