New Jersey Devils considering trade with Calgary Flames for experienced defensemen
Discover the New Jersey Devils' strategy to boost their defense by targeting key Calgary Flames defensemen. Stay updated on the latest trade talks.

The New Jersey Devils, a team once lauded for their defensive prowess, are currently grappling with a significant challenge in their back end. The loss of key defensemen Ryan Graves and Damon Severson has left a noticeable void, one that has been acutely felt in recent performances.

Their absence has shifted a heavier load onto the shoulders of the team, including rookie Luke Hughes, who, despite his promising talent, is still navigating the learning curve typical of young players in the NHL.

James Nichols of New Jersey Hockey Now underscores this predicament, noting the team’s struggle to maintain the defensive integrity that was their hallmark last season. The current situation is a stark contrast, with the Devils often finding themselves floundering in their defensive zone, a shift that has contributed to less than favorable outcomes in recent games.

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Exploring Potential Trade Options: Devils’ Pursuit of Flames Defensemen

In an effort to fortify their defense, the Devils are reportedly considering a trade, with their sights set on the Calgary Flames. The Flames, who are also facing their own set of challenges this season, could be a viable partner in a trade deal.

Among the potential candidates from Calgary are Nikita Zadorov, Chris Tanev, and Dennis Gilbert. Each of these players is on an expiring contract, making them attractive options for the Devils who are looking to bring in experienced defensemen to stabilize their back line.

The acquisition of any of these players could provide the New Jersey Devils with the much-needed reinforcement on defense. Zadorov, known for his physical play and size, could bring a robust presence to the Devils’ blue line. Tanev, with his experience and solid defensive play, could offer stability and reliability. Meanwhile, Gilbert, though less experienced, could bring fresh energy and potential upside to the team.

Such a trade would not only address the immediate need for defensive strength but could also signal a strategic move by the Devils to regain their footing in the league.

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